Headquarters Academic Group


The Second-Class Interdisciplinary Tour was part of the Academy’s commitment to enrich the cadets’ academic learning by bridging the gap between classroom instruction and the real world. The 2CL Interdisciplinary Tour for the Academic Year AY 2022-2023 was conducted last 03 to 07 October 2022. The cadets were able to visit the Mansion House, Police Regional Office Cordillera, Baguio Museum, Mirador Heritage and Eco-Spirituality Park, Tublay School of Home Industries, and Baguio Smart City Command Center.


     The City Government of Baguio graciously welcomed the cadets at the Baguio City Command Center. The cadets were briefed about the capabilities of the Smart City Command Center. They were given a lecture on how the video management system, computer-aided dispatch, geographical information system, traffic signalization, smart environment and data analytics were processed and used by the Local Government of Baguio in improving the City. The cadets were shown real-time data gathering capabilities which stimulates the cadets’ thinking on the use of such technology. Cadets were also engaged in the discussion on how these gathered data are secured and how threats are managed. Correspondingly cadets were able to raise questions on the use of such technology in law enforcement.  The cadets were also given information how the center gathers data and uses these data in identifying problems of the community. The briefing was conducted by batches since the space is limited and the facility still adheres to protocols for COVID.

After the courtesy call, the cadets were briefed by PMAJ FRANCISCO BEN on the Efforts of PNP in Fighting Insurgency. He supplemented the points raised by PBGEN BAZAR and answered the questions of the cadets on how the AFP and PNP can work together and clearly defined where each organization task ends and where the other begins. After answering questions of the cadets, PMAJ BEN introduced the next lecturer on “Efforts of Committee on Legal Offensive.” PMAJ JAIME BANG-EY discussed how PROCOR doubled the efforts on preserving crime scenes or combat zones to gather evidence and prompt filing of appropriate legal actions against insurgents.

At the AFP’s end, LTC DOMINADOR B VALERIO INF (GSC) PA, the Commanding Officer 5th CMO Battalion, 5ID, PA discussed the efforts of the AFP and even shared best practices he observed in the field. With the government easing up on protocols for COVID, the Interdisciplinary Tour in the future may expand its horizon and cover areas outside Baguio and Benguet to cover more areas to and field to study.

On 04 October 2022, the Tublay School of Home Industries briefed the cadets on the various areas studied by their students. The cadets were introduced to baking class where they were briefed on how the students are taught and trained to bake breads for livelihood. The cadets were inspired by the young students in the Automotive and IT departments as the young students were able to showcase their knowledge in CP/Computer and car repairs. The cadets were also given a glimpse on how to propagate crops, embroider, sew dresses and weave cloth for bonnets, scarves and coin purses. On the same day the cadets were able to tour the grounds and facility of the Mansion House where they learned about its glorious history.

     On 05 0800H October 2022, the contingent visited Mirador Heritage and Eco-Spirituality Park. They were given ample time to roam the area and appreciate the Bamboo Grove, Limestone walkways and the Torii. A 360-degree view of Baguio City is also among the highlights of the tour. Aside from the beautiful sceneries, the cadets were also able to learn the place’s significance during the Japanese Regime. The appreciation of Baguio City is further developed through the cadets’ visit at the Baguio Museum where they learned about the rich history of the place. They were able to learn about the lives of the different tribes in Cordillera, their artifacts and how Baguio has evolved and developed. Found also in the museum are people who have contributed to what Baguio is today.

During the last day of the Interdisciplinary Tour, the cadets visited the Police Regional Office Cordillera where they were graciously received by the Regional Director PROCOR, PBGEN MAFELINO BAZAR. PBGEN BAZAR. He shared how their office helps the military in maintaining peace and security in the Region. He also briefly discussed the efforts of the PNP and AFP towards combatting insurgency and the challenges that they have to face in doing so. He animatedly shared with the cadets his idea on how he envisions the insurgency to end in the entire nation. He has also shared among the cadets inspiring anecdotes and fatherly advices on how they will go about their remaining years of cadetship and when they will already be in the service.