Headquarters Academic Group

Refurbishment of the Recording Room for Academic Use

The Headquarters Academic Group in the pursuit of its mission to provide the cadets with the broad and basic military training towards a progressive military career ensures the delivery of quality education.

In this light, the Academic Group continuously improves all aspects that will form part in the attainment of such mandate by also providing the cadets with facilities and equipment necessary for them to acquire a successful teaching and learning experiences. Part of the improvement and upgrading of the facilities and equipment of the Group is the renovation of Officers’ Lounge that took place and ended in the last Quarter of 2022. Said Officers’ Lounge is refurbished purposely for recording of academic video-lectures that will be used by instructors to supplement the teaching materials they use in the delivery of instruction to the cadets.

Today, the Academic Group and its instructors enjoy the utilization of the Recording Room for the welfare of the cadets in the acquisition of quality and relevant instruction from a premiere military institution called the Philippine Military Academy.

Having done so, blessings came abundantly as the members of PMA SANDIGAN CLASS ‘82 and PMA TANGLAW-DIWA CLASS ‘92 through PBGEN STEVE B LUDAN PNP, the then Regional Director, PRO2 have made their share in the renovation of Officers’ Lounge and its refurbishment to put up the said Recording Room. The SANDIGAN Class ‘82 has contributed a total amount of FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS (Php 500,000.00) while the TANGLAW-DIWA Class ‘92 gave a total amount of TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS (Php 200,000.00). Said donation with the sum of SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS was allotted both for renovation (Php 300,000.00) and procurement and installation of recording equipment (Php 400,000.00).

Likewise, the Academic Group through the leadership of BGEN JOSE DEMAR A PAULY COP is grateful to the aforementioned sponsors who look back to their Alma Mater by way of thanksgiving and philanthropy. Acknowledgement is also extended to BGEN ARVIN R LAGAMON PA, CRSAFP Commander for the technical personnel of his personnel, they are Mr Ferdinand Ponce CivHR and Pfc John Mark Molina PA who themselves installed the procured recording equipment.