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National Security Adviser’s Lecture

National Security Adviser’s Lecture

The Department of National Security Studies, led by LTC REYNAN C AFAN PROF, fulfilled one of its mandates: “to conduct learning or instruction in the field of National Security Studies.” With this, the DNSS conducted a course integration on 07 November 2022 with the National Security Adviser, Dr Clarita R Carlos, as its Guest of Honor and Speaker on the topic: Multiple Faces and Challenges of Security Today. A multi-awarded retired faculty of the University of the Philippines, Dr Carlos extended her expert knowledge on the topic. In her lecture, she presented the regional security threat and local security threat. She also discussed the multilateral relations of the Philippines to other countries and highlighted that we should also have good relations with China.

As an expert in national security, Dr Carlos shared with the cadets the awareness of the security of what is happening from regional and local perspectives. From the regional perspective, she opened the ideas of how our neighboring countries would respond to different security threats going and what they call as their “top of list.” Interestingly, Dr Carlos presented various information that led to the cadets engaged in the Question and Answer portion of the lecture. Overall, the lecture by Dr Carlos is very relevant for the cadets since her point of view comes from that of an academic. As NSA, her intellectual persona was pronounced throughout her lecture – a breath of fresh air for the cadets since her character spoke louder than the position she occupies as NSA.

Further, the way she looks and interprets things comes from the strategic and geopolitical mindset, which is very understandable for the cadets, given their lessons deal with similar aspects of security and strategy in their academic courses.

More lectures from intellectuals like her must be encouraged.

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