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Guest Lecturing of LTGEN PARLADE PA (Ret)

The Department of National Security Studies (DNSS), through the conduct of its Insurgency course (INS), initiated a guest-lecturing activity of LTGEN ANTONIO G PARLADE PA (Ret) entitled, “Book launch and Audience with Cadets of LTGEN ANTONIO G PARLADE PA (Ret).” Said activity was held at Lopez Hall of Leaders last 07 October 2022. Moreover, this activity was attended by 1CL and 2CL cadets and other DNSS military and civilian teaching personnel. The guest lecturing activity aimed at teaching cadets the actual experiences of practitioners regarding counter-insurgency operations of the government on the ground. Furthermore, the activity aimed at contextualizing the classroom learnings of the cadets through an immersive lecture for them to have a holistic understanding of counter-insurgency both in theory and practice.

LTGEN PARLADE (Ret) emphasized in his lecture that what he offers to the cadets is not a lecture but a message of sharing his experiences and knowledge about the Communist Terrorist Group (CTG). He touched on controversial issues and challenged the participants to rethink the things they knew about the Communist Party of the Philippines, its armed wing, the New People’s Army, and its legal front, the National Democratic Front. Further, he shared how CTG has infiltrated key government institutions to strengthen their fold. While it seemed that the CTG has weakened, LTGEN PARLADE (Ret) cautioned that while they are at their weakest, the government must be vigilant because it is during this time that they can strike hard.

He asserts that there might be “Trojan Horses” which has entered government institutions to influence the way the government approached the Counter Terrorist Group.

In the end of the lecture, LTGEN PARLADE (Ret) challenged the cadets to remain true to their calling to serve, to be always security-conscious, and to find fulfillment in safeguarding the nation. He encouraged them to share the value of nationalism to their families and friends as nation-building is a shared responsibility of every Filipino citizen.