Headquarters Academic Group


The Headquarters Academic Group through the Academic Staff for Education and Training (ACAD8) conducted the Faculty Immersion 2022 last 4 – 16 December at the Naval Operating Base, Subic City, Zambales and in the 15th Strike Wing, Philippine Airforce, Sangley, Cavite. The main thrust of the Faculty Immersion is for the HAG faculty to interact with PMA graduates who are now 2nd Lieutenants/Ensigns (O-1) to Captains (O-3) in their assigned units; to observe how these PMA graduates perform their tasks in the major service; and to look into the relevance of the PMA curriculum to the tasks and responsibilities given to PMA graduates. Eighteen (18) HAG personnel composed of eight (8) civilian faculty, eight (8) military faculty, and two (2) enlisted personnel of the Academic Group participated in the Faculty Immersion


The Faculty Immersion is an annual activity conducted by the Headquarters Academic Group involving selected military and civilian faculty with the aim of engaging with various AFP units nationwide for the purpose of acquiring up-to-date information on the relevance of the academic programs to the actual jobs performed by the PMA graduates. The activity provides exposure to the military and civilian teaching personnel of HAG that will help equip them as course directors with knowledge in field situations significant in the preparation of POIs and delivery of classroom instruction.

In a span of three days, the participants of faculty, were able to immerse and conduct interviews to immediate commanders and junior officers assigned in the area regarding their job description and to determine what courses offered by the Academic Group they perceive to have practical application on their roles as Military Officers. The activity also is relevant in determining what courses should be emphasized in the Academy to better equip the graduates in performing their respective jobs through the conduct of interviews and face-to-face interaction. 

The Faculty Immersion team arrived at the Naval Operating Base, Subic City, Zambales, where 4 Philippine Navy Vessels were docked. Among them were the BRP Tarlac (LD601), BRP Davao (LD602), BRP Jose Rizal (FF150) and BRP Antonio Luna (FF151). These naval vessels were visited by the faculty immersion team to engage with the PMA graduates. The participants got a chance to be briefed with the capabilities of the newly acquired frigates and to observe the posts and designations of the PMA graduates in the naval ships. As a consolidated engagement on all the graduates within the Naval Operations Base, all PMA alumni gathered at BRP Davao (LD602) for the immersion and interview. The officers ranging from Ensigns (O-1) to Lieutenants (O-2/O-3) explained their respective tasks and the training that they had to acquire to hold various designations.


The Faculty Immersion 2022 was very much appreciated by the HAG Military and Civilian faculty as it emerged to be meaningful and successful. The takeaways and insights were relayed to the Academic Staff for Education and Training, ACAD8, for future planning and reference. The faculty is looking forward to future immersions with other major service units as it truly provides exposure in helping equip the instructors with knowledge in field situations.

They were also asked which courses offered by PMA are essential in the performance their current tasks. The Faculty Immersion Team was billeted in BRP Jose Rizal (LD602) wherein they were able to experience the routine and bugle calls of the organic personnel. Schedule of messing and other activities were observed by the participants as part of their immersion.

To capitalize on the experience of the participants, the team went aboard BRP Jose Antonio Luna (FF151) and PS17, both battle navy vessels of the Philippine Navy. The difference in technology and facilities of both ships were compared, exploring on the advancements of the modernization program. The commanding officers of the naval vessels were also delighted to see their PMA instructors and shared insights on their take-aways from the academy.

In the 15th Strike Wing, Philippine Airforce, Sangley, Cavite, the Faculty Immersion Team was welcomed by the Executive Officer and Operations Officer in the conference room where the PMA graduates were consolidated. An information was presented followed by the interview with the graduates of the 15th Strike Wing. The alumni were enthusiastic in sharing their insights, experiences, and learnings as a result of their 4-year education and training in the Philippine Military Academy.

Eighteen (18) Philippine Airforce Officers were present for an interview composed of 2nd Lieutenants to Captain. Their Ex-O and Operations officers, both Lieutenant Colonels were also very vocal in giving feedback on the performance of the PMA graduates. Each graduate also introduced themselves and described their designation and duties. It paved way to a clearer understanding of the tasks they were performing in their junior billet years.

In summary, the faculty immersion acquired substantial information in support to the delivery of courses in the PMA Academic Curriculum. Among details discussed include the following:
1. Courses mentioned that greatly helped the PMA graduates in their respective duties and responsibilities:
a. Community Development as precursor to their CMO.
b. Argumentation and Debate (with Public Speaking) which prepared
them in oral interaction and speech improvement.
c. The Contemporary World (World History) which kept them at par
with global issues and historical facts in connection with the present world scenario and national identity.
d. Security courses that strengthened their awareness on national security.
e. Management subjects such as Project Management, Organizational Behavior, Financial Management, and Leadership and Decision Making.

2. The graduates request the enhancement and improvement of the following course topics:
a. Approaches in collaborating with outside forces through the course Community Development.
b. Counterintelligence and Counter-terrorism strategies
c. National security policies. Applicability of NS guiding principles in
connection with current relations with other ASEAN countries.
d. Writing skills in communication primarily in the preparation of
military letters, orders, reports, and other papers.