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Department of Mathematics' Bridging Program for the Advance Algebra and Trigonometry (MAT133) Course

A lingering problem in the Department of Mathematics for AY2022-2023 is the number of Deficient Cadets for DMAT courses. This dilemma has caused great concern. In response to this predicament, the Department of Mathematics implemented a Bridge Program for the 4CL Cadets. The bridging course intends to bridge the gap in the level of knowledge that Fourthclass cadets have before taking up Advance Algebra with Trigonometry in the regular term. It serves as a review of the basic concepts and principles for a better understanding of basic topics in Algebra. It aims to fortify the basic foundations needed for a better understanding of Algebra.  The goal of the program is to help Fourthclass cadets cope with the topics in Algebra and Trigonometry and consequently increase the success rate of Fourthclass cadets.

The Bridge program was scheduled for ten (10) days which commenced on 12 December 2022 and ended on 23 December 2022. The 4CL cadets were clustered into twelve (12) sections and scheduled to have their classes from 0800-0930 for sections Alfa-Foxtrot and 0940-1120 for sections Golf-Lima. The Department of Mathematics is confident that this endeavor will help address the problem of deficient cadets along with the implementation of other interventions.