Headquarters Academic Group

Battle of the Brains 2022

The Battle of the Brains is an annual activity that requires the cadets as participants to apply the knowledge and skills that they acquired from the start of their formative years of learning up to date. The activity is an interplay of cognitive, psychomotor, affective, visual, auditory and aesthetic skills where cadets employ the spirit of teamwork and camaraderie as they display their prowess academically in an academic competition.


   In the accomplishment of the mission of the Academy, the Headquarters Academic Group offers courses that cater to the holistic development of the cadets. These courses develop the cadets’ analytical thinking, critical thinking and creative thinking. Such competencies are assessed through Lesson Examination, Unit Examination and Final Examination. The Battle of the Brains is an added activity that stimulates the higher order thinking skills of the cadets as they involve themselves in a friendly academic competition.

   As Philippine Military Academy celebrates its 124th founding anniversary with the theme “The PMA: Celebrating 124 Years of Producing Principled and Competent Military Officers for the Nation”, the Academic Group to conducted Battle of the Brains, a series of activities covering topics on PMA History, PMA’s contribution as a military leadership school, National Security and current events. The events includes Quiz Bee, Essay Writing Contest, Spoken Word Poetry Contest and Poster Making Contest. Each event was facilitated by a Military Officer from HAG in separate venues from 17 to 21 October 2022.


The Battle of the Brains 2022 was conducted in separate venues on different dates to avoid possible disruption of classes. For the Essay Writing Contest, representatives of each company were gathered at PMAFI Room. Each representative brought their own laptops and were given time to create beautiful pieces about the theme of this year’s Foundation Day.

For the Poster Making Contest, there is one entry per company which was done collaboratively in the barracks during the cadets’ open time. After which, their works were displayed at the reception area of Sandiwa Hall for evaluation on 20 0800H October 2022. Judging the said event was facilitated by P2LT SHERWYN L ALLIBANG PROF with instructors from the Department of Humanities who served as judges of cadets’ masterpieces.



Furthermore, Spoken Word poetry Contest, was conducted in the Cadet Corps grounds during the cadets’ open time. The pre-recorded pieces were submitted at the Office of ACAD3 and were given to CPT RANDOLF P BIO PROF, the OIC for Spoken Word for distribution to the judges and evaluation. The Quiz Bee was conducted at Sandiwa Hall on 20 0900H October 2022. It was facilitated by CPT MARIA CHARITO M DULAY PROF and CPT KRISTIN VALERIE V CRUZ PROF who took charge of the scoring and questions.

In addition, there were four representatives per company (one representative for each class) who competed for the easy, average and difficult rounds. CPT JESSE ANGELO ALTEZ PROF and CPT LIONEL F TATARO PROF served as the quiz masters for this activity.

The Battle of the Brains culminated with the awarding ceremony with the Dean of Academics BGEN JOSE DEMAR A PAULY COP who gave the awards to the deserving winners. During his remarks; the Dean congratulates the winners and urged the non-winners to take this as a challenge and perform better for the next Battle of the Brains activities to commit themselves in excellence and healthy competition.

During the awarding ceremony, the Alfa Company got the 1st Place in Spoken Word Poetry Contest. The Charlie Company begged the 2nd Place in Poster Making; 2nd Place in Essay Writing; and 2nd Place in Spoken Word Poetry Contest. However, the Delta Company got the 1st Place in Essay Writing and 2nd Place in Quiz Bee. The Echo Company got the 3rd Place in Poster Making and 3rd Place in Quiz Bee. The Foxtrot Company got the 3rd Place in Essay. Moreover, the Golf Company got the 3rd place in Spoken Word Poetry Contest and 1st Place in Quiz Bee, while the Hawk Company nabbed the 1st Place in Poster Making.

Overall, the Charlie Company was proclaimed as the overall champion. The Echo Company got the 1st Runner up and the Delta and Golf Company had tied in the 2nd Runner Up.

The Battle of the Brains 2022 was generally successful. This can be attributed to the coordination of all staff and personnel involved. Likewise, the enthusiasm of the Officers in Charge of each activity greatly contributed to the smooth conduct of the activity.