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Welcome to the About page of our website! Our organization, the Headquarters Academic Group, is a distinguished unit of the Philippine Military Academy that is dedicated to providing world-class academic training to our future cadets. We firmly believe that the next generation of leaders in our country must possess not only exceptional combat and military skills but also an advanced understanding of various fields of study.

Our mission is to equip our cadets with the knowledge, skills, and values that they need to become competent and accomplished military experts. Through our rigorous academic programs, we ensure that our cadets are not only proficient in military tactics but also in various disciplines such as science, technology, national security, mathematics, and many more. We firmly believe that a comprehensive education is key to producing elite officers who will devote themselves to serving our country and its people.

At the Headquarters Academic Group, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and our unwavering dedication to the development of our cadets. We are proud to be a part of the Philippine Military Academy, an institution that has produced some of the country’s most outstanding leaders. Join us in our mission to shape the future of our country by producing the next generation of exceptional military experts.

Learning Begins With Us

At our academy, we strive to equip our cadets with a comprehensive and liberal collegiate education, essential for their future roles as Junior Officers in the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Our mission is to foster character development, instill confidence, and provide the knowledge and real-world skills necessary for our cadets to make their mark in the world and excel in the industry they serve.


Dean of Academics and Head, Academic Group
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“We empower cadets with character development, confidence, and practical skills for success as Junior Officers in the Armed Forces of the Philippines”

BGEN Jose Demar A Pauly — Dean of Academics

Philippine Military Academy Vision Mission Policy


To provide the cadets with a liberal collegiate education essential to their future roles as Junior Officers in the Armed Forces of the Philippines


By 2028, the PMA shall have reached the international standards for military academies in producing principled and competent military officers

Quality Policy

We, at the Philippine Military Academy, commit ourselves to graduate world-class military professionals and leaders possessing the desired character dedicated to serve the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the nation. As a team, we seek to ensure the highest standard of quality education and training by continually improving the performance of our system processes and structure through a Quality Management System (QMS) and pursuing a culture of excellence to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders.

Curriculum Overview

“At the Philippine Military Academy, we are dedicated to providing our cadets with a comprehensive and well-rounded curriculum that includes engaging and stimulating activities, preparing them for a fulfilling social and cultural life as future leaders in the Armed Forces of the Philippines.”

Department of Information Technology

Educates and trains cadets in vital Information Technology skills for military service, while maintaining rigorous instruction in computing sciences aligned with the academy's mission and goals.

Department of Social Science

The Department of Social Sciences is tasked to instruct, train, and develop the cadets in the field of social sciences so that they shall be equipped with the intellectual and analytical skills to become effective servant leaders and military professionals.

Department of Humanities

Provides cadets with instruction, training, and development in various aspects of humanities, including mastery of English language for communication, exploration of human morality, instilling logical thinking, and appreciation of other cultures through foreign language study.

Department of Natural Security Studies

The Department of National Security Studies is tasked to instruct, train and develop cadets the interdisciplinary field of security studies for them to demonstrate a broad understanding of the concepts, debates, theories, events and issues in National Security for the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Country

Department of Mathematics

Educates and develops cadets in the discipline of Mathematics, equipping them with the necessary education, intellectual skills, and character for military service.

Department of Natural Science

The Department of Natural Sciences is tasked to conduct the highest quality teaching and instruction to foster scientific literacy. Offering classes in Science, Technology and Society, Physics, and Environmental Science, the department provides introductory-level courses to produce cadets who will possess the character essential to the military profession.

Department of Management

The Department of Management is tasked to instruct and train the cadets so that they shall acquire the necessary knowledge in management and research, hone managerial and research skills, and develop the character essential to their success as professional officers.